Monday, 10 March 2008

Teaching for student learning 2.0

To provide opportunities for learning using web 2.0 social elearning tools, try these applications and then launch them to promote learning 2.0 and transition to classroom 2.0. That's right, now we have the potential of everything 2.0!

My inspiration for this post is based on the work of Judy O'Connell. Visit her blog, it's been highly awarded at:

As a result of my learning 2.0 journey, I make the following pathways for teachers aiming for learning 2.0 classrooms.

Set up an igoogle page
This will provide your learning 2.0 platform.

Use google tools - they just keep on coming! - Google Docs & Spreadsheets - Create, store and share documents and spreadsheets on the web. This function is BLOCKED by DET. Maybe, it's time for us to register concern?

Book mark and share resources at: - research with the world.

Create and share ppt slideshows - upload, tag and share presentations with the world. Create groups and make comments.

Create a wiki
Wikispaces Wiki - Sign-up for an advertisement free wiki for education. Post references, content, assignments, manage group projects and much more.
Consider also: Wetpaint Wiki

Set up a blog
Why not set up a blog at http: This is another google product, improving all the time!
Consider also: or here

Share photos - free image hosting site, where you can share and embed your images into your blogs and wikis. Yahoo owns this provider. Look at FlickrCC - for Creative Commons images. Consider also: and

Want more, then follow the link to heyjude's blog and read about: - open source software - Support the OER movement.