Friday, 30 December 2011

Lists - I'm liken' 'em!

Why are people attracted to "list posts"?

I don't look very often now at lists of new tech. tools, since I know I will not be using any more than I am using. I outlined this in my last post.

Recently, I have seen links posted on Twitter with some anti-list sentiment. Check this one by @mbteach

I still think that for those who seek some ideas or inspiration the reading of list posts provides a starting, point, incentive and impetus to explore and think further.

I am particularly keen to gather ideas on leadership, well-being and  innovations in learning.

Much of my twitter stream reflects this interest.

Some companies, like 12most even build their brand around this list concept.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

My Daily Use of Online Tools and Various Techy Things

Your Daily Bread? : Darcy Moore's Blog

Darcy wrote: this post:
"What online and tech tools do you use daily in your personal and professional life? Have they changed in the last two years? What has failed to ‘work’ for you?"

Each day I use:

1. Twitter is still numero uno.
I check my stream many, many times each day. I post or share useful links on Twitter morning and night from my daily email alerts and various enewsletters.

2. I check my Facebook for family and friend updates morning and night. I like and comment often.

3. During school term, I keep maang as a TAB and check in regularly. I am more a lurker here. I like as often as I feel a connection.

4. I don't bookmark anymore.

5. I still like slideshare and still share useful shows.

6. I use my ipad each day to read the paper and novels.

That is all I can fit in.