Sunday, 28 December 2008

One Trick Pony � Google Maps as Time Machine | Bernie Dodge

One Trick Pony � Google Maps as Time Machine | Bernie Dodge:

A post by super-educator and webquest inventor, Bernie Dodge:

"I got a call tonight from one of my old Peace Corps housemates and we spent a good hour reminiscing about our two years there. All kinds of memories were refreshed: hiking through tiny villages miles from nowhere...teaching math.

Ever since Google Maps came out, I’ve clicked periodically to revisit those intense times. Until recently, our little town of Bonthe, Sierra Leone, was a low-resolution blur covered in clouds. You couldn’t make out individual buildings or really see much of anything. Then, last spring, they updated the satellite photos and suddenly I can look into my past with amazing clarity."

I commented: Google has made doing so many things related to learning and connecting so much easier. This is a brilliant idea for teaching and learning. A great way to remember, trace, even actualise the past using a most modern and supremely versatile tool.

I could write pages on google tools and the educational achievements of Bernie Dodge. Click on the link, read the post, check out the landmarks of Bonthe and then scroll back though Bernie's posts and follow all his links. You will learn a lot.