Sunday, 22 February 2009



What happened to my nifty little Blogger widget?

All week, every day, I read my feeds, emails, A list blogger posts and pages of tweets with diligence. Keen not to miss a beat or useful tweet. It takes hours. I still love it!
At the same time, I wonder if I can keep up this pace. Is there any way to filter better what I like to read? At this time, I have not found a way.
All ideas, will be well-received.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Leadership 2.0 «

Leadership 2.0:

Dean Groom wrote in his "teaching and Learning Design" blog, a post that will stimulate another round of valuable discussions by blog and twitterati on what needs to be done.
"I listened this week to people talking again about the ‘skills’ students need as 21st Century Learners. They spoke of their frustration that their community leaders didn’t ‘get it’. This made me think about the polorisation they were discussing; advocates talk of media literacy and collaboration while many schools focus on ‘skills’ that deliver the current measure of attainment – examinations. So what makes a ‘great’ leader?"

Several other well-known bloggers have been posting on this over the last years. The time has come to sort this out. The pace of change in schools just has to pick up.
Go and read Dean's post and add your voice to this urgent need. Frustration about the "glacial pace" needs to be translated into proactive action and active agitation about what really matters in school leadership.

I'll publish this post as Version 1 and over the coming days I'll add the links to the other powerful posts. If you want to do the search, start with posts by: Scott McLeod. Miguel Guhlin, Wes Fryer, Karl Fisch, Darcy Moore ... add more if you read this.