Friday, 11 September 2009

Students registering to use web2.0 tools at school

What are the issues and concerns?

After a quick think, I came up with an initial list to use when assessing a website that requires students to create accounts to access functionality.

  • Is the website, service or product directly related to the education market?
  • What are the risks? What can be done to eliminate or control those risks? Risks will include: duty of care, communication, information sharing ...
  • Terms of Use, Service and privacy statements of the product
  • Age of students. There are often statements about 13+ and 18+
  • Nature of information required to create an account
  • Controversial Issues in NSW public schools and other relevant DET Policy.
  • Is there any sorted or unsorted mature or adult content available on the site. Media rating and student viewing regulations to to be understood.
  • How toxic or disruptive is the advertising on the site?
Just a starting point ...

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