Thursday, 25 March 2010

Teaching and Learning in a Digital World (1)

This collection is an assortment of posts, articles and websites that have an interesting bearing on the broad topic of "effective teaching and learning". Everyone has many and diverse views.

A FutureLab project on Digital participation, digital literacy, and school subjects: A review of the policies, literature and evidence

A useful collection of teacher resources created by the Education Department of Victoria

The Effective Practice Incentive Community (EPIC) collection of professional learning videos.

Project Based Learning wiki
-practice and theory

Talkin' about igeneration

A slideshare presentation by Pip Cleaves on. Her motto of Connect, Collaborate, Create has considerable power for leaders and learners using social media to inspire change.

Citizenship in the digital age

Teen blogging a good thing, study suggests

Wikipedia relaunch - easier to navigate, search and edit ... reports ReadWriteWeb

Look out for more in this topical issue.

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