Sunday, 27 June 2010

Evaluating Website Content and Services for Student Access (1)

I have already posted some tips on this topic. Read them here:

Evaluating online products

Students registering to use web2.0 tools at school

Teachers need to maintain the currency of their professional skills and knowledge to effectively evaluate websites in the context of online learning for students of various ages.

I am thinking of an expanded checklist of criteria beyond reliability, authenticity and so on.

Today, it is also about: service, product, free now, games, login, over 13, sharing functionailty, adult/mature content, violence, parent role and and many more too infrequently considered aspects of a website.

"Potentially objectionable" is a key concept to explore.

I am formulating further comments about the wide range of issues relevant for this post. 

A work in progress.

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