Friday, 21 January 2011

Blogging in 2011. Sustaining My Interest.

After quite a long break, it is timely for me to consider some writing plans even resolutions for 2011.

I will not aim for anything too grand nor will I bail completely. Just let's say I will aim to write something about a topical issue in education at least weekly. This may be nothing more than a few comments about a set of links relating to my pet topics from Australia and around the world.  My previous posts make it pretty clear as to my favourite topics and issues. I can't see much on the horizon to shift those interests.

After the March State election, I may be inspired to write more or less ... have to wait and see.

I also want to comment on some some things that I won't do, at least I hope I can resist the temptation to:
  • register for any "new"so called web 2.0 or social media service, no matter how fabulous it may seem
  • promote to other educators any so called web 2.0 or social media service for student use
Over the last year, I have concluded that there is nothing much new out there, that will enhance teacher or student learning at this time.

For under 15s at least, student privacy concerns without parent permission outweigh any benefits.  Too many of these services fold with personal information that can make them money. They are businesses out to monetise their service after all...

I will wait and see how mobile, virtual and game-based learning initiatives develop.

On the other hand, I will take pleasure in widely and enthusiastically (engaging with) and promoting all current and newly created Department of Education (DET) resources and services.  Whether it be TaLE, CLIC, DER, Learning Tools or DET enterprise software or any other materials by other talented DET colleagues, this is the place for teachers to start their search for resources, enhance their professional knowledge and skills and drive improvements in student learning.

It is also vital to use the Quality Teaching Model as the framework for enhancing student learning.

These are my first thoughts on my will and won't dos for 2011.

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