Saturday, 24 March 2012

Double Trouble: Annoying Words and No Brainers

I am probably just getting old and maybe even a little intolerant, here goes anyway.

People who use "guys" for everyone. Guys is not a gender-inclusive word.

"Nerdy teacher" it just baffles me why teachers use this with themselves. It is a type of apology for being keen and capable of using ICT to enhance learning.
Stand up and be proud, I say, it is an accomplishment and not a deficit.

"e or i or m" on the front of everything. I wrote a post ages ago about the "alphabet soup" of technology change. I am enjoying seeing the progress brought by these cluey little "letters".
Is it old news yet?

For me the current prize goes to the hashtag #justsayin
This is a put-down, none too subtle of someone or something. Do not like it at all.

I will be back to write about the no-brainers, maybe that term should be in my list above?

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