Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Blogger and blogging - observations and issues

I have concentrated today on getting my two main applications - my blog and my wiki looking as I want them to. I have more to do and I have yet to look at content organisation with the wiki

I undertand now that it is almost time to make decisions about which tools I will continue to use regularly and which I will have to let go.

For instance,I ask myself how many social bookmarking sites can I reasonably manage?

Also,I ask myself how many social networking sites can I reasonably manage?

For each social network site the opportunity exists to join other groups managed by people with similar interests. This further enhances the learning, is great fun, but there is only so much time.

I always spend some time each day reading mails, blogs and looking for new slideshows. This is about keeping up to date. Each time I'm out there searching, I seem to find at least one new interesting application. Today it was:

I set up one set with relative ease. What a great little tool!

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