Thursday, 13 September 2007

It's more about learning 2.0 than the tools.

I read a great article this morning on this topic. It's worth reading in full.

Jeff Utecht wrote in his blog - It's not about Web 2.0 it's about learning! He writes: "I was invited in to give a lesson on how knowledge is changing in the 21st century. My first thought was "How do I tell students knowledge has changed, when they already know that?"I set up 3 Skype [...]"

When exploring web 2.0 social software, the deliberations, discussion and reflection must be on how to best use the many applications to ensure high impact on student motivation, engagement and learning.

My task now will be to continue to deepen my knowledge and skills to use the tools effectively but mostly to explore High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS)for use of the tools.

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