Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Online Safety: Opportunities for Learning with Social Media Applications

Great UK interactive esafety website

The site reports:
"The keynote addresses were all well-received, and these can be found on the ICP website. The one from Michael Furdyk was particularly interesting in this digital age, and one should check out http://tigweb.org/ to see the value of social networking as a learning tool. It is extremely powerful and would be worth sharing with teachers and students. Let’s hope that the nanny state mentalities of some politicians and media commentators don’t prevent Australian children from being able to use this wisely as part of their learning, as social networks can be there for a social good. Michael also referred to a site that could be useful for young people in handling
cyberbullying, so you might like to see what your students think of http://www.thatsnotcool.com/

My comments:
My delicious bookmarks for online safety are a starting point for gaining the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

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