Sunday, 25 October 2009

UK Learning Resources - So many Gems ...

I take a look at UK websites every couple of months.
Many Local Education Authority (LEA) websites have well-developed education pages and resource collections. They are often called "Learning Grids". Here are a few:

Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online

North West Learning Grid is a regional body consisting of 18 Local Authority Members who can access licenced content as well as the many free resources we make available to schools nationally.

They have also produced this valuable resource on digital media literacy.

The South East Grid for Learning

Yorkshire & Humber Grid for Learning

In this area you can find NEN Teaching and Learning resources. Enter a keyword in the search box to the right to search for resources or use the Grid below to find the resources that you need quickly and easily by Subject Area and Key Stage.

A nifty resource that is not a LEA:
Material World
This eLearning resource has been created by the Museum Network. The Network is a partnership of five museums, one national and four regional, that work together on the care, presentation and use of its collections, including digital and on-the-ground projects for schools.

I'll back to update you on other UK learning grids and resources over the coming months. If you pass by here and want to help me find these best, leave your finds in comments.

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