Thursday, 31 December 2009

Laptops all go: 1:1 Learning Initiatives across the World

Laptop learning across the world. My google alert is sending me links to projects and reports each day. These links provide insight into the conversations and learning being generated by the many 1:1 projects across the world.

The Enhanced Learning Strategy, a mid 90s project in Canada looks interesting.

Orono High School and the Maine Learning Technology Initiative’s 1-to-1 laptop program for schools

Wesley Fryer, @wfryer wrote a series of posts on an Oklahoma 1:1 project. Speakers from other states and countries were involved. Take the time to read all the posts and follow other links.

In NSW, Australia, not everyone was convinced at the end of 2008, it appears.

School head slams NSW netbook plan | The Australian:
"The head of one of the biggest public high schools in NSW has launched an extraordinary attack on the state government over its plan to spend commonwealth money on giving a mini-laptop or netbook to every senior student."

My thoughts:
Hopefully, the huge amount of resourcing and support for DERNSW as laptops arrive in schools will be removing any lingering doubts.

During 2009, the momentum and excitement generated in schools as this program rolled-out has been noted in the media and across professional networks.

2010 will be a telling time for this change-forcing, paradigm-shifting project.

In the short term, I predict very positive outcomes through quality teaching and increased student engagement. In the long term, time will tell and all eyes will be watching.

DERNSW is a work in progress.

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