Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My comment for @larryferlazzo One more day to share

"One more day to share, what I learnt in 2009."

I am a techy-type teacher and always-on learner from way-back. In 2009, I have learnt that:

*the pace of change in what constitutes effective teaching practice is seriously challenging most teachers. This has resulted in a dire need for many to update their practice. The notion of being a lifelong learner has never been so relevant for genuine educators. This is a non-negotiable, individual responsibility.

*web2.0 social media tools should be thoroughly assessed before teachers consider there use with students. This assessment would incorporate all the standard website content, functionality, age-suitability and eligibility criteria.

*being youngish does not necessarily mean that effective teaching practice using computing technology will automatically occur. The capacity to select online resources and tools that will achieve identified learning outcomes is the key.

Finally, 2010 will be even more exciting.

I look forward to Larry's post, that summarises what educators have said.

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