Sunday, 18 April 2010

Online Safety - More about Key Concepts (3)

Read all my previous online safety posts, to start your exploration.

Young adults care about online privacy

Facebook has done more work on this topic a with a new Safety Center.

Teaching about web includes the troublesome parts. A post that reports on the value of the new Common Sense Media materials on online safety. Please note this is a New York Times article and will be archived by the paper.

Building ethical learning communities - a hotlist on preventing plagiarism by Teacher Librarian, Audrey Nay

ipad family safety tips

More online safety and policy tips to consider:
  • Loss or disclosure of confidential information – this needs to be considered from the organisation's perspective and also their clients' perspective
  • Discrimination claims – from within and outside the organisation
  • Reputation risk – who is saying what about you or the organisation
  • Vicarious liability- liability through a third party
  • Privacy breaches
  • Defamation
Educators are always writing on this topic, look out for another in this series.

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