Saturday, 23 May 2009

Are you building community through SlideShare? � Online Community Strategist

Are you building community through SlideShare? � Online Community Strategist

My comments on this post:

It is great that SlideShare picked up your post. I ♥ SlideShare too and use its functionality almost every day.
I have a search on various terms running through Google Reader, so I get an ongoing feed of shows that match my learning needs (education, technology, social media and ...) and I find many others that are of peripheral interest too.
I started groups that I post other people's slide shows to and I follow those who post decks that match my topics of interest.
I join other groups that match my interests and I post useful decks I find to those groups as well.
I always tag shows using my top search terms, when I favourite and when I check them out through google reader.
I comment very briefly on great decks as often as I can.
Now, I also post the best ones to Twitter and I try to add the creator's Twitter name, in the tweet.
I always look at my home page to see if there are shows that I have missed, since SlideShare throws up the shows of those that you follow as they are posted.

If you aren't following SlideShare, go now and have a quick look. It's more for the knowledge than the presentation style. Although, in that regard, you can pick up many nifty ideas.

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  1. Elaine, I really appreciate you posting slideshare links to twitter. You've become my main source of information about what is new and interesting there. Thanks for filtering for us.