Sunday, 24 May 2009

Laptops for Learning: NSW Public Education Leading the Way

The Laptops for Learning Project is moving forward. You can catch up with all the developments in Bulletins on the Department's intranet.

In addition, sign up to follow the blogs or tweets of a number of informed teachers who are either involved in L4L projects or as important keen to map, monitor and generally "build the field" for the successful implementation of laptops for Year 9-12 across the state and in their particular schools.

Darcy Moore's blog
Kelli McGraw's blog
Melissa Giddins's blog
Simon Job's blog
Anne-Marie Moore's blog

Head of EdTech at the Learning and Teaching Centre, Macquarie University, Dean Groom in his "Design 4 Learning" blog, has some interesting points to make.

In the past, others have contributed with experiences across the world:

Pamela Livingston writes a very useful blog, entitled Helping Laptop Programs.

More to come as teachers' work becomes available.

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