Friday, 29 May 2009

Laptops for Learning - Teach to Maximise Learning

How are teachers of Year 9 feeling about this "paradigm shifting" initiative?

enthusiastic? nervous? ready? fearful? All of these and more, I am sure.

We have taught through IT, ICT and lots of combinations of the same. Have we seen much impact on learning outcomes? At this time, I am inclined to reply: mmmmmmm

The world has seen OLPC, 1:1 laptops and again many other combinations and variations.
In Australia, most states are conducting some laptop trials. We are hearing about laptops, netbooks, notebooks in a market where many companies are looking to get the big $$$.

Graham Wegner has made some observations about laptop roll-outs.

In the USA, some edubloggers have been keeping us up to date:

Miguel Guhlin has made a number of contributions about learning with netbooks.
Netbooks for students
Usability for netbooks
Netbooks go viral

Wesley Fryer has written about creativity and netbooks and getting attention in a laptop classroom.

Scott McLeod has also penned a relevant post on using the ipod touch in the classroom.

Smaller, yes and at the same time related. Laptops, ipods, iphones etc. it's all about mlearning. The students will be the winners here.

Jeff Utecht in Bangkok has also written about the laptop's impact on learning.

There are also some sources of thinking on laptop pedagogy. We need to have the debate about what that means exactly?

The "Learning in Hand" blog identifies some possibly suitable web applications for netbook computers.

The countdown is on in the State's public high schools, it is just a few weeks before teachers become the proud users of their own laptop for learning.

That day cannot come fast enough! The possibilities and potential are yet to be fully explored.

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