Saturday, 11 July 2009

Plan puts 'super teachers' in worst schools | National News |

Plan puts 'super teachers' in worst schools | National News |

"RADICAL plans to boost exam results by enticing a new breed of 'super teachers' to work in the worst performing schools have been unveiled by Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard.

An initial batch of 100 of the so-called Highly Accomplished Teacher positions will be advertised in NSW in October before the plan is rolled out across the rest of Australia.

The elite teachers will earn a higher salary than their colleagues and teach fewer classes."

My comments: It will be very interesting to watch this program through implementation and development. The language used to describe the program and individual teachers will need to be carefully chosen.

Words like "elite" and "super" may be a more a hindrance than help.

Many people will remember the derogatory comments that the Leading Teachers of the 1990s had to endure.

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