Sunday, 21 September 2008

What web 2.0 applications bring the best rewards?

The battle of the tools | Sharing the Addiction

Susie Vesper wrote in her blog: " ... This is just one example of the kind of exploring that I have been doing recently. All of which means that I am now getting a little bamboozled. So many options and they all have features that set them apart from each other while still having the same key functions. I don’t want to be uploading images to multiple places on the web but I don’t want to miss out on great features either.

How are the rest of you out there finding the range of web 2.0 tools on offer? Are you coping?"

I commented:

This is a timely and topical post. Every day, on blogs, Twitter etc. not just one but many new (web2.0) tools. It is distracting and confusing.

I like the way you have displayed your best finds. For teachers, newbies especially it is important to keep it simple and relevant to good teaching practice and professional learning.

Hasten slowly I say, and select a couple. Present a rationale for why they should be the first and give many practical examples.

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