Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Some questions about teaching at

Some questions about teaching at

Doug Belshaw wrote: It’s the start of the new academic year and so naturally a time when I start musing on the whys and wherefores of education. By the end of the academic year I’ve almost come to accept the system as normal but now, at the beginning of the year - and fresh from summer holidays - it all seems rather strange…

asked for some feedback to a number of questions, these are my responses:

1. We use a value-added (growth) measure and like for like. Does your system really demand "better than last"?
2.Ask the question, what is our filtering software and how is this site categorised (media sharing). Who has access? Who doesn't and why? Is there a review process?
3.Good question. Administrative needs overtake learning needs. The timetable decides.
4.I think all intervention should lead to some improvement. Why bother otherwise?
5. A seemingly intractable problem being debated across the world, I believe.
8. Our public selective schools are outdoing many private schools, in public exams. This occurs with vastly different resourcing.

A lot more could be said in response to each of his questions. Why not have a think, visit his blog.

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