Monday, 15 September 2008

Langwitches » Blogs vs. Static Websites

Langwitches » Blogs vs. Static Websites

Silvia Tolisano's Langwitches blog is a great one for languages teachers to follow. This post on using blogs to develop learning communities is very valuable for teachers wanting to maximise connections for students through blogging.

She wrote: This upcoming week, we will have a Professional Development workshop for our faculty. The topic will be blogs. We will introduce the new features of the upgraded Wordpress 2.6 version, remind teachers how to sign in and comment on our SJEDS Travels to Latin America blog and mainly how to move from using their classroom blogs as a static website and moving towards creating a learning community for their students in that online space.

My thoughts: I like the smooth progression you are framing here for staff. The charts that outline the concepts and your thinking are very useful.

The 7 steps ladder for blog communication is a neat way of thinking about literacy development and learning through this medium.

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