Sunday, 14 February 2010

Leading Digital Learning Revolutions - Clarify the Focus (2)

In leading a high school into 2010, my priorities would initially focus on:
  • SC/HSC teaching, assessment and reporting - getting the best results
  • Literacy and numeracy learning - effective, agreed teaching practice for shared responsibility
  • Syllabus and program review schedules - refining and updating practice for DER
  • Personalising learning to meet diverse student needs
  • Involving parents in student learning - especially in the context of DER
This is just a quick brainstorm and the post is a work in progress ... in the meantime, check out this post

In the USA: Nation's superintendents to take back the reigns of educational leadership

About the kids: Tech-savvy 'iGeneration' kids multi-task, connect

A useful post on IWB: It's not about the board.

My First post on this topic

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