Saturday, 13 February 2010

Student Safety Online - Must respond ... not just nice to respond (2)

Zip it, Block it, Flag it an interesting post from December 2009, by Steve Wheeler about some UK initiatives

Another post inspired by Safer Internet Day 2010, from the BBC:
When the tech becomes unfriendly

Safer Internet Day in German. There is French site too.

The Importance of thinking before you post

A reference in a @darcy1968 post to a review by readwriteweb of Europe's Golden Rules for keeping Safe on Social Networks. These rules were a Safer Internet Day 2010 response.

Advice on dealing with dangerous websites from BullyingUK and this one about being safe on social networking sites.

UK Council of Child Internet Saftety (UKCCIS) has useful resources and reference to latest campaign: Click Clever Click Safe.

How can I teach ... internet safety from @tasteach

A work in progress ... so much interest lately and it's about time. Read Part 3.

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