Sunday, 23 November 2008

Cloud computing: sky high expectations?

Cloud computing: sky high expectations?:

Jose Picardo wrote in his blog:

"I must, first of all, apologise for the contents of this post, as it is hardly researched and it is very much a gut feeling rather than a rational elucidation of my thoughts on this matter. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I am not sure to what extent I agree with myself on this one, but I thought I would don my black hat for the day, as it seems the right thing to do ...

There is no doubt that cloud computing has given us an enormous wealth of resources particularly in terms of Web 2.0 applications, such as social networking or video sharing sites, and software as a service applications such as Google Apps, Google Docs and Zoho, amongst many others.

My bad gut feeling is no so much concerned about the communication and social networking aspect of cloud computing, but rather with the storage side of things. Are my files secure? Is my work safe?"

My comments include: It is important to take a cautious approach to students' accessing online storage and social networking sites. Data access and loss is but one issue.
In addition, there are so many hidden and even unknown security and privacy concerns that have to be identified and then assessed for level of risk and risk management.
The importance of these issues for schools should not be underestimated.

Visit Jose's "Box Of Tricks" blog and read the full post, comment and take a look around.

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