Sunday, 9 November 2008

The journey so far. | My Journey with Digital Pedagogy.

The journey so far. | My Journey with Digital Pedagogy.:

Shane wrote in his new shanetechteach blog:

"Recently I was invited to share my journey to a range of practising and pre-service teachers. As the sole Advanced ICT Pedagogical License holder within my region, I was required to outline the difference of practice between Certificate, License and Advanced License. This is easier said than done, as Certificate and License holders presented before me and I did not want to portray that anything they were doing was less than worthwhile."

I asked him a few questions and Queensland education and commented about my beliefs:
Interesting post, especially regarding your role as holder of an "Advanced ICT Pedagogical License". Is this a state or private school credential in Qld?
Does Qld have its own ICT requirements or standards for teachers? I am interested in your use of UNESCO standards.
For me it is about using ICT tools as a means of engaging students and improving learning outcomes. Using web2.0 tools there is still the "wow" factor for many teachers in fact most teachers.
In influencing teachers' use of ICTs and the vast range of tools and techniques, it is about what the (subject) teacher wants the students to learn to ... (skills) and learn about ... (content).
Learning purpose first and then the most suitable tools and strategies.
Read Shane's full post by following the link in the title. You can refer to the list of UNESCO ICT Competency Standards for Teachers.

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