Sunday, 9 November 2008

Learning Teams « Darcy’s Blog

Learning Teams « Darcy’s Blog:

Darcy's posts are a must-read for all and especially teachers in NSW public schools. This post is topical and thought-provoking. He wrote:

"Our school ran a Year 7 Learning Team Project with one class this year and the evaluations are extremely positive. The executive is currently working out how best to improve the learning outcomes of students, especially in the middle years of school. We really need to engage our 11-14 year olds much more effectively and to build on success in the immediate future. The whole staff are about to explore the ideas and structures discussed in this post."

My comments:
Student success in learning during Years 5 through 9 is vital for retention to HSC and best results for each student.
Apart from effective learning in preschool and early childhood there is no more vital time.
Effective TPL underpins everything.
IMO, it should be about consistent and shared language (QT) and strategies, focus on explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy skills and effective feedback on agreed, most effective teaching practice. All subject to regular review.
The latest web2.0 tools will assist if the learning purpose is made clear first.

Visit Darcy's blog, read he full post and add it to your must-read list. Follow him on Twitter too.

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