Saturday, 15 November 2008

Pecha Kucha Night : Presentation can be fun | Empower Your Point

Pecha Kucha Night : Presentation can be fun | Empower Your Point:

Empower Your Point authors wrote:

"Pecha Kucha Nights prove that presenting can be both trendy and fun. These social events where people gather to listen to presentations have been created in Tokyo in February 2003. They are now taking place all around the world in more than 140 locations."

I commented: I absolutely love the PK concept and the idea of PK nights. Concise in a thoughtful graphic setting is the key. I am pleased I took the SlideShare link to this blog.

Visit the blog and read the full post. Follow all the links to other posts, including:
"The Long Tail on Slideshare (and a second chance for iChart)
Latest research tends to demonstrate that Slideshare slideshows are creating a Long Tail."

This is a very interesting blog with many must-read posts for those who want to produce powerful presentations.

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