Saturday, 30 August 2008

always learning

always learning: Kim Cofino wrote on her blog, a post called

"Going Full Circle"

"Eureka! I think I’ve got it! Thanks to all of your fantastic feedback on my previous posts, I realized that the Collaboration Continuum I started this weekend isn’t really a continuum at all - it’s a cycle:"

She has created a very useful graphic to outline the concept and detailed some of her thoughts too.

"...To me, the cycle idea makes much more sense than a continuum. For starters, I really didn’t like the idea that teachers would feel that they should be at one end of the continuum - the pressure to “figure out” where you are on the path and how you compare to others is just too tempting (and intimidating). I also didn’t like the visual impression that it was a finite process, appearing as if once you make it to the mentoring stage you’re done."

Could you use this with teachers in your school? Respond to Kim's post.

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