Monday, 4 August 2008

Just Blogging Around: Bell-Bounded Learning

Just Blogging Around: Bell-Bounded Learning:

John Peters wrote on his blog:

"Bell-Bounded Learning - Learning which takes place within the limits of a class period or a school day. Learning stops when students leave the confines of the classroom and they are no longer in an educational enviornment.

The definition of Bell-Bounded Learning above is one that I made up. Why? Because although I have diligently searched, I could find no other definition.

I first heard the term Bell-Bounded Learning at Edubloggercon 'Live in San Antonio' at NECC 2008. I was attending a session called:

If the Leaders Don't Get It, It's Not Going To Happen - How can we best help school principals and superintendents move schools into the 21st century? What are their special needs and concerns? What are ways we should not approach training for these folks?"

John, has referenced a number of A List edubloggers in his worthy post.

Who was it that first posted: "If the Leaders Don't Get It, It's Not Going To Happen"?

This is a theme that rarely leaves my mind ... more to follow.

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  1. Elaine;

    Thanks for your comment. The idea for this post was something I was thinking about all day yesterday and just had to put my thoughts down in writing.

    I always enjoy hearing from folks from Australia. I met many great educators at NECC 2008 from Australia and is somewhere I have always wanted to visit.

    Once again, thanks for the nice comment. All the best...