Saturday, 30 August 2008

AUP 2.0 at

AUP 2.0 at

Doug Belshaw wrote:

"A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post entitled Towards a Forward-Thinking Acceptable Use Policy for Mobile Devices. To avoid repeating myself, a lot of what I’m going to say here builds upon that post. As a result, you may want to read that first before you start here ... No-one ever works in a vacuum, and I don’t think anyone in the history of the world can claim to have had a truly ‘original’ idea. At least not in terms of being the sole agent involved with the idea from scratch. With that in mind, there must have been something brewing in the edublogosphere, as the week after my post seminal blogger David Warlick posted his AUP 2.0. In it, he introduced his School AUP 2.0 wiki, a fantastic resource for anyone wanting/needing to grapple with these issues."

This post is a must-read for all teachers and administrators. Doug's thoughts and ideas, his references to the fine work of others has just about got the concept of acceptable use covered for now.

In a time of everything 2.0, there is an urgent need to plan for the ongoing education of school staff and students about the risks and the benefits of new tools and applications. Security and privacy are everyone's responsibility.

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