Saturday, 2 August 2008

Learning in the ‘hallways’ of Twitter | More than just knowing stuff!

Learning in the ‘hallways’ of Twitter

Helen Otway wrote on her "More than just knowing stuff!:" blog:

"Dare I admit this in my blog? I think I am addicted to Twitter!

A day doesn’t go by without checking my Twitter updates. I haven’t quite put my finger on why it is so addictive. What possesses me to log on each morning to see what are people are doing, reading, saying or thinking? And why do I feel compelled to answer in 140 characters or less the question - What are you doing? Do people really care?"

She gets her inspiration from the Steve Hargadon paper "10 Trends" to make some observations about Twitter. Helen also references the work of another talented Aussie blogger, Jess McCulloch.

I commented on her Helen's blog post with some thoughts and experiences of my own.

~I like your observations connected to the Hargadon trends. I also wonder why Twitter is so compelling.

I signed up last year and resisted until about four weeks ago.

I only started using Twitter because of BeTwittered where it is on my igoogle page and that is fantastic! Also, I love the sleekness of TweetDeck.

So, I finally found it was easy to do and not just another tool to try to remember to use.

I like responding to tweets from hours ago and thanking people I have never met for the many professional learning opportunities I can so easily access.

The web meetings I have participated in have added a whole new dimension to my learning.~

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