Saturday, 9 August 2008

Plug into Generation IM |

Plug into Generation IM |

David Rapp wrote:
For the generation that grew up with the internet, social-networking and IM-ing are second nature. Now educators must learn the language.

"It should come as no surprise to school administrators that many of those users are their own tech-savvy students. Every single day kids post huge quantities of information—blog entries, comments, photos, music, their likes and dislikes— to their interconnected networks of online friends through computers, cell phones, and BlackBerrys. As is common with technology at the forefront of popular culture, kids were among the first to discover these networks and understand how to use them for their own socializing. It is an integral part of their daily lives. Quite simply, they get it. Now it’s time for educators to get it, too, and to start to use these same social-networking principles in the classroom."

This brief article looks at some kids social networking possibilities and projects, Imbee, Webkinz, ClubPenguin, Moodle and iCue.

Where are the teachers in your school placed in terms of their understanding and practical use of these tools and/or their associated concepts?

Are teachers and students blocked to this sites because of web filter policies?

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  1. Elaine
    I am struggling to even get Moodle, access to Java and NSW DETs IWB software installed on my work computer. I have tried for 3 now almost 4 weeks in term 3 to get someone, anyone to help me install these (no admin rights so I have to wait until someone comes out to help) so I can start to use them at work. The kids get it big time, I'm trying to get it at work but the incredible frustrations I am faced with just slow me down.
    I will watch your blog with interest.