Sunday, 20 July 2008

All teachers are learners - All learners are teachers

All teachers are learners - All learners are teachers:

Lauren O'Grady writes: "The last two weeks I have felt like I have not stopped, been at conference after conference. The learning has been amazing. I have met some of my geek heroes and shared drinks and great conversation with them, most of all I learnt heaps and was stimulated to learn more. This was all done via technology, I met these people face to face for the first time over the last fortnight but felt like I knew quite a bit already through my e-network. My enetwork is my online personal learning network. The people in my enetwork are found via blogs, twitter, secondlife and various other networking sites. These applications are making me more human not less, I am out meeting and having some of the most powerful conversations in my life thanks to these networks."

Her questions to her enetwork are worth exploring:

Where can we take these conversations?
How can we collaborate?
How can we further connect to ensure future learning?

The big "Cs" of learning 2.0!

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