Sunday, 20 July 2008

Digital Education Revolution: School Development Day - Teacher Professional Learning � Darcy’s Blog

Digital Education Revolution: School Development Day - Teacher Professional Learning � Darcy’s Blog:

Darcy Moore wrote:
"Increasingly students must take responsibility for their own learning and the teacher becomes more of a facilitator, creating the conditions that allow individuals to progress at their own pace. Self-directed and independent learning will become the norm and the teacher will have more freedom to be the ‘guide on the side’ rather than the ‘sage’ at the front of the room. This will not happen overnight in some classrooms but we will need to adjust our teaching and educational programs as more technology floods into schools.

I like this theme the NSW Teachers Federation has put forward at the recent conference. We have a responsibility to update our professional skills with the appropriate support from our employer. Schools infrastructure needs to be upgraded and appropriate support structures, like technicians, need developing. We need to organise ourselves so that we all can seek TPL that is appropriate to our personal needs and DHS is endeavouring to do this."

An interesting blog and post by a NSW school leader. There need to be more like this.

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  1. The TPL session had a mixed response but went well. In other words, some staff feel quite threatened by the seismic paradigm shifts that are now so apparent. The 'jargon' of the online world is one issue and the challenge of change generally for teachers who have been in the one school (classroom) for a very long time is another. Some teachers are excited by the 'revolution' but most fit into the 'if it is made possible I'll try' camp. We have a very large percentage of staff retiring in the next few years and some just are going to find it all very challenging. However, students have a few short years at school and the need for action is now.

    I appreciate your positive comment and support, Elaine. Thankyou!