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How can our school set up a team blog for teachers? � Moving at the Speed of Creativity

How can our school set up a team blog for teachers?

Wesley Fryer wrote, on 25 July 2008 on his blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity:

How can our school set up a team blog for teachers?
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"I received a question via email from Tammy Parks in Howe, Oklahoma, recently, who just returned from BLC08 eager to setup a team blog for teachers at her school. Her question is:

Our district would like to set-up a teacher blog site for each teacher to post a daily classroom summary. Initially, we would like for the blogs to be accessed by the admin and teachers only - not available to the public. What is the best way to approach this?

Here are several options I’d recommend, in prioritized order. Any of these can work, but they each have different drawbacks and benefits. This is a great question and could easily be a full-day workshop in its own right! I’ll try to summarize here but also point out some of the important considerations to keep in mind with each option."

Wesley includes three options and as usual provides a very comprehensive overview of the possibilities. He also links to posts of other edubloggers who have provided insights into the opportunities for teacher professional learning through blogging.

For teachers, I would recommend Blogger mainly because it links with all the other wonderful google apps.In fact, google has released a suite of tools for educators that offers an integrated platform for a range of learning purposes.

Ning, a social networking application is also an exciting option for professional learning.


  1. Hi Elaine
    Can you tell me how you see Ning being used to be really powerful for professional learning? It is in my 'next to explore' basket.

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