Sunday, 27 July 2008

All teachers are learners - All learners are teachers

All teachers are learners - All learners are teachers:

Lauren O'Grady's blog is well worth following, her posts are pithy, powerful and practical reflections of a talented educator in the field.

Her post: We need to move beyond elearning and eteaching and we need to do it NOW!

She writes: "... We need to stop creating buzzwords such as elearning and eteaching as they are no longer relevant in our schools. Computers and technology have been around long enough. We need to move beyond this speciality paradigm and move into powerful learning and teaching."

She relates student comments about powerful teaching, that include, these observations:

"They wrote about the use of images, multimedia, web and how they can get answers but do not know how to distill or make sense of this information overload. There was also a huge push for content creation instead of passive dictation and exercises. "

In conclusion, she states:

"We offer all these buzzwords and terms which allow us to drift from our main purpose in schools which is to teach, scaffold, facilitate and reflect to ensure powerful learning."

Lauren's post provides us with another valuable opportunity to reflect on our purpose and practice as teachers and learners.

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