Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Youth marketing agency, youth marketing experts

Youth marketing agency, youth marketing experts

Extract from Ypulse daily marketing update:

Emerging Teen Technology

Bill Carter, from Fuse Marketing (anchor sponsor for the event), presented results from a survey they did of senior technology executives from companies such as Sony, MTV Networks, Yahoo, and Nokia to find out what's next for teens. They heard that content is what's most important, and that technology should never be use for its own sake without something real to say. The tone of the content is the next most important aspect, and then comes how technology is used to disseminate the content or message. Only half of the brands that are using technology as a platform are backing it up with a real message. Before a company decides to use technology, they need to ask why they want a mobile campaign (side note: I just saw a website banner for a Listerine promo offering a free music download - what a random way to draw in potential users of mouthwash!)."

Also: about handheld devices, geo-targeting will go mobile, connecting to friends ...

This daily free enewsletter, is a must read for those interested in tween and teen culture.

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