Thursday, 17 July 2008

Mr Barrett I have got glue on my laptop… | ICT in my Classroom

Mr Barrett I have got glue on my laptop… | ICT in my Classroom:
Tom Barrett wrote on his blog:

"Although I may have led you to think that everything in the image is stuck to the laptop, I have to disappoint you! However I really like this image of my classroom because of just that sort of possibility. I want a learning environment for my class that blends the best tools for what we are doing - a blended tools approach. Whether that be a laptop and access to an online application, a headphone mic set or a gluestick. This is a natural picture of my classroom, it is not what you would see everyday, but the children think of the technology as just another tool. Long may the risk of glue on the laptops continue!

What does this image say to you?
What sort of challenges do we face as educators in creating an environment that blends the best technology tools for learning and what is considered more traditional?"

Great post, perfect graphic, short but powerful! Fit for purpose, is the key!
I print good blog posts to read on the train.
To be effective learners and teachers, we must blend the old with the new and newer and the not yet well formulated and so on ...
I want my grandchildren to colour in with beautiful Derwent colours like I did and then be next minute creating something on the computer.

It's all about learning!

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