Sunday, 5 October 2008

ACEC 2008 Obs Continued « My Other Blog

ACEC 2008 Obs Continued « My Other Blog:

John Pearce wrote:

"Big Question??? Who does the vetting for keynotes and how much does sponsorship influence the choice of presenters? It is a truism that you will very rarely find a Keynote that inspires and transfixes a whole theatre full of delegates. It is also relatively rare to find keynoters who leave you wondering what there message was really about and how it was that they can have gained sponsorship for their appearance."
I commented: Interesting if lengthy post.
1. I did not go to this conference. I heard about it from a colleague. I plan to speak to this person about the conference. Especially if there was employer sponsorship. It is considered a "techy type conference", my words. Pity!
2. All organisers of all conferences of all types should be initiating online, backchannel, unconference and edubloggercon elements.
3. I followed the conference though twemes, #acec08. I appreciated that very much. Says me, very much liking 140 character reports now.
4. I would say "well done" to Julia Gillard for attending the conference. Has it ever happened before?
5. I like the Pecha Kucha model.
6. Poster sessions + brief commentary should be promoted.
Thanks for your reflection.

Read the first part of John's reflections on ACEC 2008.

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