Monday, 20 October 2008

Who Can See Your Photos? | reflecting on innovations

Who Can See Your Photos? | reflecting on innovations:

A post by "denisesinnovations", about photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Photobucket:

"As for use in Education - hmmm. There’s the issue of children’s photos on the internet that is a major hurdle to overcome. No matter how secure the site some parents are not going to let it happen. They have that right. Then there is purpose. The first one that came to mind was Travel Buddies - it is the perfect setup for that to happen. Then wouldn’t a blog serve the same purpose? Then of course there is the issue of content. There are many photos and videos on these sites that are inappropriate for school children, particularly primary aged children."

My comment on this very topical issue: As you have said, sites in the media sharing category have many benefits however they are also bound up with a range of risks associated with privacy and safety.
YouTube is also in this category. As long as there is the potential for accessing 18+ material it is hard to see how these sites including the photo sharing sites can be made available to any students.
I would like to find a solution to this significant problem.

Have a look at the blog, read the post and enter a debate, whose time has definately come.

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