Monday, 13 October 2008

The Thinking Stick | I’m done with the 21st Century!

The Thinking Stick | I’m done with the 21st Century!:

Jeff Utecht wrote in his blog:

"I know it’s the largest word in my tag cloud on this blog….but really I’m over it now.
I have come to hate the phrase “21st Century” whatever: Learner, Thinking, Teacher, Skills.
Has anyone noticed it’s 2008…well 79 days until 2009!
We’re 9 years (depending on how you count) into the 21st Century and we’re still calling for 21st Century things.
I’m sorry we’re in it! These are just skills! They are just what we should be doing and if we’re not teaching them, helping students to understand them then we’re letting them down….big time!"

I commented: “21st Century” whatever" has always been several horizons too far away for my liking.
With the current global turmoil in so many aspects of life, 2009 will be far enough for most strategic planning and thinking to actually be close to the money.
We have a great opportunity in these difficult times to make the value and potential of learning and collaborating across "two hemispheres" with a view to making a difference, a reality.

Congratulations on this much overdue, very bold stand on what has been for far too long an unsustainable and oft glibly used expression.

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