Sunday, 26 October 2008

What did you learn at work today? | Sliced Bread

What did you learn at work today? | Sliced Bread:

Tony Searl, wrote in his blog:

"All students reflect as part of our college Reflection, Organisation And Reading programs. ROAR not only involves using a learning log (diary) to plan, record homework and organise assessments, it also encourages students to consciously record how they best learn, reflection. With fine tuning and more realistic goals, I think this 4 year old program will improve further in 2009.

My question however is, how do staff reflect on their profession? I assume they do, I’m just not sure how. Maybe we could introduce a staff learning log and model real reflective practice?"

My comments: This is a very insightful post. I would love to hear more about the school's ROAR program. Reflection is a key element of effective learning.
Your observations and questions about staff reflection and learning seem to me to be the million $$ questions. Now, is the time to press for some answers and action on these issues.
The Jeff Cobb questions and Mal Lee quote are worthy of being posted prominently in each school for day to day viewing by staff.
Would that be provocative, yes, I hope so.

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