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‘NSW pulls out of computers-for-schools program’ « Darcy’s Blog

‘NSW pulls out of computers-for-schools program’ «
Darcy’s Blog:

Darcy Moore wrote 26 September 2008:

"The term ends and one would hope for more inspirational news from our political and system leaders. The above headline is from the ABC website and I am assuming it is reporting on yesterday’s memo from the Director-General but am uncertain what it will mean for us in schools who have already been allocated money/laptops from Round 1. My school has been expecting 233 laptops and the wireless infrastructure to support these tools. Does this ‘pull out’ mean that we will not receive laptops or infrastructure. I hope not but am cautious about having too much faith in it all."

I commented:
I have been following the (non) developments with the "Digital Revolution" in NSW from afar of late. To be more precise from a desk in a small box, in the DET corporate environment. Maybe, I am a little out of touch...and getting just a little peeved about the way the whole "revolution" seems to be not developing in NSW public schools. Anyway, here goes:
The DR was and still is a good concept.
Laptops for students as proposed in the DR was and still is a good concept.
Are private schools worrying about on-costs? Did I miss that debate?
If I were a student in a NSW public school, in line for a laptop, I would be wondering by now where mine was.
What do our parents (really) think about the delays? Did I miss that debate too?

I am not sure it is the Rudd concept or team that is the issue or problem here.

Just an insight into some of my thoughts on this matter. I have decided that it is timely to write about some political matters as I turn my attention to what action needs to be taken.

Thanks Darcy for your stimulus to comment.

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