Sunday, 5 October 2008

It's Time For Leadership - NSW Labor Party

It's Time For Leadership - NSW Labor Party: "It's Time For Leadership

This is the Policy Speech for the Australian Labor Party, delivered by Gough Whitlam, at the Blacktown Civic Centre, in Sydney.

Men and Women of Australia!

The decision we will make for our country on 2 December is a choice between the past and the future, between the habits and fears of the past, and the demands and opportunities of the future. There are moments in history when the whole fate and future of nations can be decided by a single decision. For Australia, this is such a time. It's time for a new team, a new program, a new drive for equality of opportunities: it's time to create new opportunities for Australians, time for a new vision of what we can achieve in this generation for our nation and the region in which we live. It's time for a new government - a Labor Government." ...

I plan to revisit this speech as I heard it at the time. What a time that was!
In fact, I plan to revisit several famous speeches at

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