Saturday, 3 January 2009

7 THINGS you may not want to know about me.

A work in progress ...
I had seen this Twitter/blog challenge out there for a few days and wondered if I would like to join in. This thinking only lasted minutes and I decided in the negative. When I am out there in the twitterverse or blogosphere. I like to keep my contributions mostly limited to professional learning. Why I wonder ...
  • Firstly, when I am online I am reading, catching up with saves, favourites etc. I just don't find the time.
  • I also want to keep Twitter for a professional learning tool and generally don't get involved in conversations.
I was only to briefly escape the thinking attached to this challenge, since it was not long before an Oz colleague, Tony Searl tagged me and my number was up.

As I first thought, this was not going to be easy. Just as well, these are things that no-one would want to know and I can keep it quiet by writing them here.

1. In 2009, I have been in education for 35 years.
2. I have 5 grandchildren. Four girls and one boy. One set of twins and 2 new babies in 2008.
3. My husband and I have travelled to the USA four times including 2 trips to Hawaii. Loved the mai-tais among many other things. Our last trip was to Japan, can't wait to get back to that absolutely fascinating country.
4. I only plant Australian plants in my garden. Our Kangaroo Paws are spectacular. We have a big yard with natural bush and many birds and animals are attracted to it.
5. I have had 20+ computers since the late 80s. That is just me and not those my husband has had. We have always been MAC people.
6. At home, we have been online since it was available in Australia. I can remember when Yahoo was a directory that you could easily scroll through and read over time.
7.I like "retro" anything. My husband and I visit markets, garage sales and various charity shops. I have many collections of what I call " flash trash".

I may come back to this post and insert links to pictures of my grandchildren, our trip to Japan and my garden.

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  1. Elaine
    Yes I also question my professional/personal contributions and when to draw the line. For me I like to know the people behind the words so these types of memes work well for me. Thanks for contributing, I may just have some 'flash trash' we can compare one day for I too enjoy collecting.

    I'm eagre to see what the online suite of tools the CCP has in store for us in 2009. Have you seen them yet? Look forward to working more with you in 2009.