Saturday, 3 January 2009

Learning with 'e's

Learning with 'e's:

In his post "teaching with Twitter", Steve Wheeler writes:
"Most would agree that Twitter was one of the social networking phenomena of 2008, and has enjoyed exponential growth in popularity. The microblogging tool has obvious potential to be used in formal learning, both in traditional online classroom settings and - through mobile technologies - for mobile learners.

Ever since I first began to use Twitter I have been thinking about how to harness the potential of microblogging for the benefits of my own students, and have tried out several ideas to exploit it already. Below are my 10 top uses of Twitter for education:"

My comments:
Valuable post.
If, I were still teaching languages I would certainly be trying to use these microblogging tools.
I have not looked closely at most of these tools but I do love
You could also look at and a recent post by Miguel Guhlin on some Twitter tools.
Also, edmodo looks like an interesting app.
I have collected a lot of Twitter slideshows on one of my slideshare groups:

Twitter apps are appearing fresh each day it seems. Do web filter policies prevent teacher or student access?
Blogging and now microblogging are here to stay. So many ways to encourage literacy development.

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