Monday, 26 January 2009

Directions, Goals and Influencers « Darcy Moore’s Blog

Directions, Goals and Influencers « Darcy Moore’s Blog:

Darcy Moore wrote:
"I always like to start the school year with a clear sense of direction and personal professional priorities and goals; a sort of pre-reflection, if that makes sense. It goes without saying that one needs, as an educator, to be a:
- better learner
- better teacher
- better leader
My comments:
Thanks for the mention Darcy. It is an absolute pleasure to be of any assistance.

What a joy it must be for the school to have you as a DP. I like what you have devised as goals and priorities. How refreshing it would be to have such a balanced blend of thinker and doer in one person.
The E program sounds fabulous. I'll stay tuned.
Very nifty use of wordle too.

It is an absolute certainty that I will post on Darcy's achievements during 2009.

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