Friday, 9 January 2009

A techy start to the day

Here I am on holidays and my "techy" catch-up routine prevails. Cup of tea at my beautiful, shiny new 24" iMac computer and this is how it generally goes:
*check email - find about 20. Few spam now since provider stops spam at ISP. Great! Then Spamsieve does the rest.
*then, I check Twitter. Refresh to get latest, then time permitting I go back up to 10 hours to check the global learning and sharing in the twitterverse over-night. I favourite about 20 to savour later.
*Next, I check google reader, find around 500 or so new items each morning. I use list form and I can just fly through them. I star only ten for later.

Then, I am ready for my next cuppa and so it goes on. I read, I save, share and best of all, I THINK about what fun learning is.

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